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Luoyang Li Gang pressure liquefaction project

A design scale LNG annual turnover of 3 million tons, the final design annual turnover of 10 million tons / year.

LNG can realize the loading and unloading, storage, gasification, shipment, loading and other operation

Set the unloading, shipment, RO ro three terminals can simultaneously complete the loading and unloading conditions of

The cold energy power generation, air conditioning and ice making combination of cold energy comprehensive utilization technology of

The main vaporizer and seawater circulating pump using domestic equipment, improve the localization rate of

The project by the new independent engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning, driving the whole process; project positioning in the international shipping LNG charging base, taking into account the sustainable development of Zhoushan islands and the new future demand for clean energy, but also can be used as natural gas in Zhejiang Province, peaking emergency reserves, which will become one of the domestic scale the largest and most complete function of the receiving station.

Plans to put into operation in 2018.

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