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Hegang Zheng Nan coke oven gas to liquefied natural gas project

The project is located in Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, Hegang Coal Industry Park B District, in Hegang City, South sign chemical limited production of coke oven gas as raw material for producing liquefied natural gas. On the basis of the existing desulfurization technology, the project is further optimized, and has the advantages of lower energy consumption and less emission without affecting the effect of fine desulfurization.

As the project is located in the northeast region, the local minimum absolute temperature of -34.5 degrees C, through the designer special treatment, to ensure that equipment, piping, valves, instruments in the low temperature environment. The project was successfully put into operation in November 20, 2014, which is the first coke oven gas production line of LNG in Heilongjiang province.

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