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Marine Carnival boiler room industrial and commercial households

The project is a delicacy, hotel and catering entertainment complex project, is currently the largest gas project in Qingdao Development Zone, industrial and commercial households, daily consumption of 40770m³ / day, the hotel and catering; daily consumption of 3780m³ / day, the boiler room hotel; daily consumption is 36990m& sup3 / day. The dining section set up 7 between gas (including: West Tower ADD restaurant, banquet hall, barbecue restaurant, the East Tower, negative employee restaurant, a rough cut layer, mee between boiler room); set up 6 sets of large boiler, and 6 sets of small boilers, pipeline laying yard 1091 meters, 795 meters indoor pipeline laying.

The project is located in the west coast of Qingdao new landmark center, the geographical position is superior, the project by the Huangdao Xinao Gas Company Limited Project Engineering Department to undertake construction projects in November 25, 2015, entering the construction, in December 2015 25 the successful completion of acceptance.

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